Yeah, but you should still vote.

In which Cara tells you that it’s okay to be angry, but that that’s useless unless you vote. 


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I will be a lot happier about the state of the world when they finally just get on with it and make Cara president.

YES to AV!

Today is a big day in the UK. We get to choose whether we get a new voting system for future elections.

The current system we have splits each city up into small chunks, takes the top (majority) result for your small chunk, and then that is meant to represent your vote. But not so much if you voted for someone who didn’t get the majority in your chunk.

The AV (Alternative Vote) is a system where each individual vote will count. Yes, it’s true that only three other countries use the system; but most countries in the world either have obscenely corrupt governments who look after the system that looks after them, or they simply aren’t the right size for the system.

What the ‘No2AV’ campaigners don’t tell you is that just because only 3 other countries use AV, it does NOT mean that every other country in the world uses our current system. In fact, far from it.

If you think that it’s simply fairer for each individual vote to count - and not just the votes of the majority of people in your local area - then vote YES to AV. AV is infinitely more democratic than the current system.